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Changes in Section 8

Do you provide Section 8 rentals? If so you should be aware of recent changes in the Endless Lease provision. As a property owner you may now exercise the right to non-renew your Section 8 renters lease when it expires. If you need more information about the Endless Lease provision and other changes follow the link below.

Management 101 - Frozen Pipes

If you look outside you may have noticed the leaves on the trees starting to change colors and a chill in the air. Yes winter is around the corner and that means the possibility of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can create extensive and expensive damage to a property. As the temperature drops water expands as it freezes in the pipe. When the pipe begins to warm up and the ice melts it often reveals small cracks or breaks in the pipes. The first sign of a frozen pipe will be an interruption of water flow. If residents report such interruption during freezing weather, you or your Community Manager should immediately check for the possibility of frozen pipes.
If you suspect freezing temperatures may hit your area we recommend taking some preventive measures on your rental properties. First remind your renters to leave cabinet doors open to expose pipes to higher temperatures. Make sure they close windows to the outside and to keep the temperature in the rental above 62 degrees. If the unit is…