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RECO Case Studies

I know this is hard to read if you need a better copy please contact me and I can send you a clean copy.

Do you own rental property in Boulder Colorado?

The City of Boulder is propsing some changes to the rental licensing program that could cost you $1,000 - $2,000 per unit. Please take a look at the propsed program below.

Draft Energy Efficiency Proposal and Compliance Options

This document outlines potential options for an energy efficiency code for existing rental housing. The code is proposed to be a local amendment (Appendix B) of the International Property Maintenance Code.

In order to increase the energy efficiency of Boulder’s rental housing stock, the city is proposing to initiate both education programs for tenants and regulatory requirements for property owners.

Education and Occupant Behavior
While there are limited ways in which energy conservation education and occupant behavior can be addressed through codes, the following summary outlines how these issues are being addressed through other city and collaborative community efforts.
(See document XXX for more information – refers to open house document still being dev…

Warranty of Habitability

If you own rental property in the state of Colorado you need to make sure you’re aware of the new warrant of habitability statute that was past in 2008. As the end of 2009 approaches I still talk with property owners that are not aware of this rule. A complete copy of the House Bill is listed below for your review.

HOUSE BILL 08-1356

SECTION 1. 13-40-111 (1), Colorado Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

13-40-111. Issuance and return of summons. (1) Upon filing the complaint as provided in section 13-40-110, the clerk of the court or the attorney for the plaintiff shall issue a summons. The summons shall command the defendant to appear before the court at a place named in such summons and at a time and on a day which shall be not less than five business days nor more than ten calendar days from the day of issuing the same to answer the complaint of plaintiff. The summons shall also contain a statement addressed to the defendant stating: "If you fail to file with the cour…