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Do you use pay stubs to verify an applicant’s income?

Recently, I was asked how Rental Services, Inc. spots fake pay stubs during the verification process? That’s an easy question to answer. At RSI we don’t use a pay stub to verify an applicant’s income.

 Todays technology makes the reproduction of a document far too easy. A devious applicant doesn’t need special computer skills to create a document that looks like the real thing. The pay stub pictured above was created in about five minutes using basic tools found on most computers.
 How can this trickery be perpetrated? Here is your lesson in document forgery.
Using Google, I searched for a free pay stub template and selected Images at the top of the result page. Several images of paystubs were available, and I selected one that had the best image quality. Saving the photo on my computer I used the program Paint. This program comes standard with Microsoft Windows. Using the add text option in Paint I filled in random wage information. Yes, it’s that easy to create a fake document. I …