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The Senate has scheduled SB 185 for the Senate Floor TODAY. Please contact these Senators below and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 185!

This new bill aims to:1. Remove the requirement that a tenant must provide written notice to a landlord in the case of a breach.2. Expands the definition of a violation of the Warranty of Habitability.3. Adds new treble damages language.This bill would undo several months of negotiation that took place ONLY 17 MONTHS AGO. Those negotiations cost the taxpayers of Colorado upwards of $20,000 for mediation. This bill REMOVES KEY COMPONENTS that were negotiated to achieve a balanced policy for all parties involved. This bill removes the statutory requirement for written notice. Required written notice is a fundamental protection for both tenants and property owners. Since it is real and tangible documentation, it is easy for either party to prove that notice was given or received. A tenant can easily prove he or she gave notice if a property owner denies recei…