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The end is near! Is your tenant ready?

If you believe the world will end on December 21, 2012 you can skip the rest of this article.However if you’re concerned about the increased number of natural disasters and want to encourage your renters to be prepared you may want to take notes.
Many property owners leave move-in gifts for new renters as a way to say welcome.Why not put together a disaster kit for them?As hurricanes, wildfires, snow storms and other natural disasters increase survival kits have become very popular. The cost to setup a complete survival kit may exceed your budget for a move-in gift so start small with some basics.First you will need a large plastic tub.Fill it with a basic first aid kit, personal hygiene items, matches in a water proof container and a flash light with batteries.Make sure to add a survival kit check list so your renters can complete the emergency kit with other items like food and water.If you need a full list of recommended items or more information about survival kits visit…