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This Has Nothing to Do With Star Trek

Let’s talk about Data and not that robot from Star Trek. If your going to order a background check you need to make sure you have good data. Old or inaccurate data makes it hard to make an informed decision about an applicant. I recommend asking your screening company where they get their data from and what it covers? Do they have access to proprietary databases developed and constantly updated by them and their customers?

I know many of you reading this blog already use Rental Services, so I want you to know the answer to all of the questions listed in this article are YES. We use current and up to date information sources that are reviewed for quality. We update our own proprietary database with records collected manually by RSI. Clients also contribute to our large collection of records.

I Need A What?

If you use credit reports for screening residents or employees you will need a physical onsite inspection of the place used to store your records. Don’t blame Rental Services Inc. or RSI Screening for this new rule. The inspection process was the brain child of Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. Each bureau now requires inspections from an independent third party company as part of the credentialing process. If your company operates from a commercial address the inspection is required once. If you’re operating from a residential address the inspection is required annually. All inspections do require a fee. To pass an inspection you need three key elements. First, you will need a dedicated office space. If working from a residential office the space needs to be separate from living space. Second, you need a way of securing information. A locking filing cabinet, locking desk drawer or safe will meet the requirements. Finally, you will need away to destroy credit information. A shredder …