Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you have your free online ad?

Rental property owners we work with are having great success using free tools like The more successful property owners and managers tell me they use Craigslist along with HTML to add multiple photos and a link to their main website to contact the property and set an appointment. This action demonstrates that your applicant has a real interest in your rental property. Several of the property owners we work with have told us that if the prospect contacts them from their website, they have a higher closing ratio then from other traffic sources. If you’re not advertising on the internet, Craigslist is a great starting point, and if you have been advertising on the internet for years adding you probably already know Craigslist can be very cost effective.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Identity Theft Made Easy!

Have you ever used a copy Machine? Have you ever made a copy of personal information? Does your business have a copy machine? If you answered yes to any of these questions I would recommend you watch this video.

Video Link

Thursday, May 6, 2010


SmartRegs proposals move forward to Boulder Planning Board and City Council.

After 10 months of working group meetings, open houses and community feedback, the SmartRegs (DumbRegs) project moves forward to be considered by the Planning Board at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18.

The SmartRegs proposal has three main components:

• Adoption of the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code with amendments to incorporate features of Boulder’s existing housing code;
• Adoption of administrative revisions and fee changes to the Rental License Code; and
• Adoption of an energy efficiency requirement for existing residential rental properties.

The proposal, most recently amended to address comments from the Environmental Advisory Board and Landmarks Board, is available on the SmartRegs Web site for public review prior to the Planning Board meeting. The meeting will include a presentation and public hearing. Community members are encouraged to attend and provide feedback.

Why should you attend this meeting? If SmartRegs is passed and you own rental properties in Boulder you will be required to retrofit your properties to come up to 20% of current energy codes. This could mean a cost range of about $750 per unit to $3200 per unit or more. When you look at all rental property in Boulder the city is asking everyone to pay around $35 million dollars. The city council believes that the upgrades increase the value of your properties and therefore this is just an “investment” in your business. Let them know that you know better – this is an expense that cannot be recovered.

Want more information? Contact the Boulder Area Rental Housing Association

Phone: 303-494-9048

Finally Some Good News!

SB 185-Warranty of Habitability by sponsors Senator Brandon Shaffer-D, Longmont and Representative Michael Merrifield-D, Colorado Springs, has died in the House Business Affairs Committee.

Committee members, Stephens-R, Bradford-R, Priola-R, Liston-R, Balmer- R and Rice-D voted to oppose to the proposed legislation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After weeks of committing to a NO vote, Senator Chris Romer
(D-Denver) flipped his vote on SB 185 (Shaffer/Merrifield), Warranty of

The bill is now assigned to the House Business Affairs Committee.
Please contact these members of the Business Affairs and Labor Committee and ask
them to vote NO on SB 185.

  • This bill would undo several months of negotiation that took place ONLY
    18 MONTHS AGO.

  • Those negotiations cost the taxpayers of Colorado upwards of $20,000 for

  • This bill REMOVES KEY COMPONENTS that were negotiated to achieve a
    balanced policy for all parties involved.

  • This bill expands the definition of a violation of the Warranty of
    Habitability. HB 185 changes the definition of a violation from
    "materially dangerous or hazardous to the tenant's life, health or
    safety" to "materially affects health or safety." This
    greatly expands what could be considered a violation of the warranty and
    opens the door for increased frivolous law suits. Can a tenant claim a
    breach if they have allergies in their apartment?

  • SB 185 places greater strain on the court system through
    INJUNCTIVE RELIEF and broadens the definition of a violation of Warranty
    of Habitability. By allowing the tenant to obtain injunctive relief
    in county courts, including small claims courts, this bill will generate
    more traffic in our court systems.

  • The tenant already has an arsenal of remedies. They can withhold rent, or
    terminate and move. Under any of these scenarios, if the landlord
    remains in breach, the landlord is losing rental income.

    injunctive relief is given to the tenant that is going through the
    eviction process, an injunction will substantially slow the eviction. During
    the legal process the tenant remains in their apartment until the
    legal process is complete....without paying rent.

Representative Edward Casso (D-32)

Capitol Phone: 303.866.2964


Representative Karen Middleton (D-42)

Capitol Phone: 303.866.3911

Home Phone: 720.427.3239