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Rental Services, Inc. 2019 May Newsletter

May is here and I have an update on a few of the legal issues we discussed last month. I thought it would be beneficial to discuss how to dispose of credit reports and other sensitive information contained in a background check. 
As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Colorado HB19-1106 has passed and will take effect August 2, 2019. RSI has received several calls from clients looking to add reference calls or run additional criminal reports so they can keep the application fees at a higher level. If you need to discuss any of these options, make sure to give us a call.
Colorado HB19-1118 has passed and will go into effect once it is signed by the governor on May 12, 2019. This is the bill that changes the 3 days’ notice to a 10 days’ notice. It is recommended that you contact your attorney to review eviction time frames and make sure you have the correct legal forms. If you need an attorney referral, please visit the RSI website and use the Information Center tab.
A similar bill …