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Rental Services, Inc. 2019 July Newsletter

July is here and that means everyone doing business in Colorado has less than 30 days to comply with HB 19-1106. I feel that it was important to address this issue again because it is going to directly impact many RSI Quick App users. If you are located or do business in other states, I recommend implementing many of the Colorado requirements as part of your general business practices. Many states have passed similar legislation or have it on the horizon. On a different note, several clients have asked for referrals to other multi-family vendors for bids or recommendation.

Do you need a recommendation for a painting company, management software, carpet cleaning or towing? Rental Services, Inc. has been working with property owners and management companies since 1984. If you have a need other than background checks, we probably know someone. We literally have several directories covering every business type in the multi-family industry. Just this week I referred a client to a law firm…