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Rental Services, Inc. September 2019 Newsletter!

In this month’s newsletter, I thought we would discuss password security.
About 93% of all Rental Services, Inc. clients access the RSI website. Every person who uses the RSI website is issued a unique username and password to login to the website. Some use the site to order reports and others simply use it to review completed reports.
During a recent RSI team meeting it was brought up that we continue to receive phone calls from clients about login issues. As we explain the steps to recover or reset the password using the built-in tools from the website, we often find the client is sharing login information with someone else in their office. The person sharing the password doesn’t know the answers to the security questions and they can’t reset the password. This causes problems for everyone involved.
No one using the RSI website should share their login information with others. It is a direct violation of the RSI Services Agreement and the credit bureaus require us to suspend acc…

Rental Services, Inc. August 2019 Newsletter

Each day I talk to current and future clients about background screening and other industry related topics. The one question that I’m asked on a regular basis is what is the most important part of the background check? After I explain how every part is important and how each individual piece of information is needed to make an informed business decision, we talk about Forcible Entry and Detainers (otherwise known as an “FED” or “eviction” lawsuit).
In my opinion an applicant who has a verified eviction is a high-risk renter. At Rental Services, Inc. we feel an eviction search is so valuable it is included with almost every screening package we offer. Industry studies have shown that applicants with an eviction are three times more likely to have another eviction and have double the number of apartment related collections.
At one time eviction records showed up on the credit report. However, on July 1, 2017, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion began to exclude most public tax lien and …

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 July Newsletter

July is here and that means everyone doing business in Colorado has less than 30 days to comply with HB 19-1106. I feel that it was important to address this issue again because it is going to directly impact many RSI Quick App users. If you are located or do business in other states, I recommend implementing many of the Colorado requirements as part of your general business practices. Many states have passed similar legislation or have it on the horizon. On a different note, several clients have asked for referrals to other multi-family vendors for bids or recommendation.

Do you need a recommendation for a painting company, management software, carpet cleaning or towing? Rental Services, Inc. has been working with property owners and management companies since 1984. If you have a need other than background checks, we probably know someone. We literally have several directories covering every business type in the multi-family industry. Just this week I referred a client to a law firm…

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 June Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter I wanted to discuss some of the additional features that can be utilized when using the RSI Quick App and recent legal changes that may impact your business.
As I’m sure most of you know, Rental Services, Inc. offers an online rental application we call the RSI Quick App.
The RSI Quick App allows applicants to apply online in place of the traditional paper application. We provide you a custom URL that can be added to your website, placed in your advertisements or emailed directly to a potential applicant. Clients can list each individual rental property they own or manage. Some clients like to show off the size of the portfolio they own or manage. The RSI Quick App can also be setup as a generic application. This prevents applicants from seeing how many properties you own or manage. The generic application gives clients some anonymity.
The RSI Quick App allows clients to add custom questions to the online application. Maybe you want to ask each applicant th…

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 May Newsletter

May is here and I have an update on a few of the legal issues we discussed last month. I thought it would be beneficial to discuss how to dispose of credit reports and other sensitive information contained in a background check. 
As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Colorado HB19-1106 has passed and will take effect August 2, 2019. RSI has received several calls from clients looking to add reference calls or run additional criminal reports so they can keep the application fees at a higher level. If you need to discuss any of these options, make sure to give us a call.
Colorado HB19-1118 has passed and will go into effect once it is signed by the governor on May 12, 2019. This is the bill that changes the 3 days’ notice to a 10 days’ notice. It is recommended that you contact your attorney to review eviction time frames and make sure you have the correct legal forms. If you need an attorney referral, please visit the RSI website and use the Information Center tab.
A similar bill …

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 April Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter we will review the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how it applies to you, the client. You’ll also receive an update on a few of the legal issues discussed last month and a great resource for Colorado clients who want to make sure their voice is heard.
Recently, while speaking with a private landlord, they told me they conduct their own background checks using Google and asked if that's how RSl does it. Since RSI is monitored by the credit bureaus, we are held to a higher standard when reporting information that is used in making a credit decision.
Rental Services, lnc. is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and must follow set legal guidelines. As a CRA, Rental Services, lnc. must navigate federal, state and local laws when conducting a background check. The main law that impacts each report we provide, to you the client, is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Violations of the FCRA are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial P…

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 March Newsletter

If you are not paying attention to what’s going on with your state legislature, it’s time to wake up and get in the game. Rent Control was passed in Oregon and there is already talk about expanding it across the nation. Colorado moves closer to passing rental application reform with HB19-1106 and will impact fees and possibly time frames for criminal record usage.
Recently the state of Oregon became the first in the country to implement a statewide rent control law. The new law prevents property owners from raising the annual rent more then 7%. Many groups are looking at this as a quick solution to provide affordable housing in markets all over the country.
Rent control is under serious consideration by law makers all over the United States. If rent control legislation is passed everywhere it is currently being discussed nearly 1/3 of the country’s rental housing would be impacted by rent control.
Advocates site California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC, as providin…

Rental Services, Inc. 2019 February Newsletter

The 2019 legislative session has started and depending on which state you conduct business in, there is a lot going on. Many local governments have started to introduce bills that may negatively impact the multi-family housing industry.

Colorado has introduced two bills with a third one on the way. 
Colorado House Bill 19-1118 addresses the time period to cure a lease violation. 
The current law requires a landlord to give the tenant 3 days to cure a lease violation. The most common violation is failure to pay rent. When the tenant violates the lease agreement, you post them with a 3-day notice. If they don’t pay within the 3-day time frame the eviction process is started.
HB 19-1118 would change the 3-day rule to 14 days. 
Depending on the lease agreement many landlords don’t post a 3-day notice until the 4th of the month. This puts them at a higher financial risk if this new law passes. The new time frame puts the landlord towards the end of the month before even sending the 3-day …

Oregon Senate Bill 608 Relating to Residential Tenancies (Rent Control) Introduced

80th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2019 Regular Session
Senate Bill 608
Sponsored by Senators BURDICK, MONNES ANDERSON, Representative KOTEK (Presession filed.)
The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor’s brief statement of the essential features of the measure as introduced.
Prohibits landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause after 12 months of occupancy. Provides exception for certain tenancies on building or lot used by landlord as residence. Allows landlord to terminate tenancy with 90 days’ written notice and payment of one month’s rent under certain conditions. Exempts landlord managing four or fewer units from payment of one month’s rent.
Provides that fixed term tenancy becomes month-to- month tenancy upon ending date if not re-newed or terminated. Allows landlord to not renew fixed term tenancy if tenant receives three le…