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Rental Services, Inc. September Newsletter

This month’s RSI Newsletter features a review for Users of Consumer Reports, advertising and Fair Housing and a discussion about who’s application is it!
Notice to Users of Consumer Reports
Did you know the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires users of Consumer Reports to follow specific rules and guidelines?
When you originally setup your account with Rental Services, Inc. you signed the RSI Service Agreement as part of the setup process. Section 8 of this agreement acknowledges that you have read and understand your obligations under the FCRA. Section 8 specifically addresses a document titled Notice to Users of Consumer Reports: Obligations of Users Under the FCRA. If you’re not familiar with this document I recommend giving it a quick read at: Notice To Users Of Consumer Reports
A few highlights of the document include:
Users must have a permissible purpose to access someone’s credit file.
If you decide to take an adverse action toward the applicant based on the consumer report, you mus…