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Pink & Blue United Summer Soiree

A special message sent to RSI from one of our clients! It sounds like a great event.

Good morning Friends, Vendors and Associates:

I hope this letter finds you all well!

The reason for contacting you is I'm helping my brother with the marketing of his new foundation which helps people of both genders for expenses and treatment for individuals with breast, ovary, prostate or testicular cancer.

I know this may be late in getting this information to you but would like to ask if you could forward this information to the rest of the company. It would help with others learning about this organization, and having the opportunity to come to the inaugural gala next weekend.

My brother, Dr. Kelly Lennon MD., has two practices, one in Littleton and another in Castle Rock. He has served on the board of both Swedish and Littleton Hospitals.
Please take a moment to read about the benefits of Pink & Blue United below.

Any correspondence of passing the information along will be very helpful …