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The election and you!

Hello Apartment Industry Advocates!
With the election a mere five weeks away, it seems appropriate to devote this edition of the Apartment Industry Mobilization Service (AIMS) communication to our role as advocates for the apartment industry in the upcoming election.
There is no denying it – this year’s election has the capacity to impact every level of government. Not only will control of the White House and House and Senate be decided on Election Day, but 11 governors and numerous state legislatures, city councils and mayors’ races, 166 statewide initiatives in 35 states and a staggering number of local community questions will also be determined.
Although media attention may be focused on the presidential election, virtually everything federal, state and local policymakers do, or don’t do, impacts your business and your bottom line. So, no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, your participation and vote on all these ballot items are vital to our …