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Still using your dogs name as your password?

Do you currently use the website to conduct background checks? If so I’m sure you are aware of the danger and potential risks associated with placing sensitive information online. With this in mind, Rental Services, Inc. would like to make a few suggestions when using the RSI website and the internet in general.

• Do not send sensitive or personal information by email. (i.e. Rental Applications)

• When you get ready to login to a secure site make sure it starts with https and not http.

• Don’t download anything unless you are sure it’s safe.

• Never click on pop-ups.

• When you’re in a secure site don’t open up another browser windows to a different site.

• Don’t use the same password for all of your different accounts.

• Make sure your password has numbers and a mix of upper and lower case letters.

• Change your password every 90 days.

• Make sure to log out and close your browser when you’re done.

Using the RSI website places the safety of your applicant’s personal …

Avoid fraud; don't hire a criminal. By Al Lewis, Denver Post columnist

Dear Friends,

Each month I try to talk about an issue that pertains to the Multi-Housing Industry. As I read different articles and publications I thought the following article was really important to any type of company that has employees. As many of you know Rental Services has expanded its services to include pre-employment screening. I think the following article demonstrates the importance of pre-screening employees.

Avoid fraud; don't hire a criminal By Al Lewis Denver Post columnist

Wherever there is a big pot of money, somebody is trying to steal from it.
The folks at Alliance Commercial Partners know this now.

The Lakewood-based commercial real estate firm has money flying everywhere. Since its 1996 founding, the firm has acquired or developed 72 properties across the nation valued around $775 million. Earlier this month, Alliance sold Writer Square in downtown Denver for $30.3 million. In managing all that real estate, the firm is constantly wiring funds to leasing agents, ap…