VOTE NO on SB 185!

Please contact these select Senators below and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 185!

This new bill aims to:

Expand the definition of a violation of the Warranty of Habitability.

·This bill would undo several months of negotiation that took place ONLY 17 MONTHS AGO.

·Those negotiations cost the taxpayers of Colorado upwards of $20,000 for mediation.

·This bill REMOVES KEY COMPONENTS that were negotiated to achieve a balanced policy for all parties involved after five years of work.

  • If a warranty of habitability case goes to court, it allows the court to
    quickly resolve the notice issue. This allows the court to focus on
    the real issues of determining whether a breach of the warranty of
    habitability occurred and how a breach should be cured.
  • SB 185 places greater strain on the court system through INJUNCTIVE RELIEF and
    broadens the definition of a violation of Warranty of Habitability. By
    allowing the tenant to obtain injunctive relief in county courts, including
    small claims courts, this bill will generate more traffic in our court

    THIS EQUATES TO FREE RENT! If an injunctive relief is given to the tenant that
    is going through the eviction process, an injunction will slow the eviction. During
    the legal process the tenant remains in their apartment until the legal
    process is finished....without paying rent.

    Sen. Mary Hodge (D-25)


    Capitol Phone: 303.866.4855

    Home Phone: 303.659.3298

    Sen. Dan Gibbs (D-16)


    Capitol Phone: 303.866.4873

    Home Phone: 970.333.4707

    Sen. Rollie Heath


    Capitol Phone: 303.866.4872

    Home Phone: 720.272.2389

    Sen. Chris Romer


    Capitol Phone: 303-656-9531

    Sen. Lois Tochtrop


    Capitol Phone: 303-866-4863

    Home Phone: 303.469.9217

    Sen. Suzanne Williams


    Capitol Phone: 303-866-3432

    Home Phone: 303.751.2396

    Senator Evie Hudak

    Capitol Phone: 303.866.4840

    Home Phone: 303.423.8569


    Senator Abel J.
    Tapia (D-3)

    Capitol Phone: 303.866.2581

    Home Phone: 719.671.3311


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