This Credit Report Makes No Sense.

At RSI we work with lots of small businesses and property owners and the one question were asked most often is how to read credit. If you need a credit report we can provide you with one. We can also walk you through the credit report over the phone or provide you with a cheat sheet. But what if you didn’t have to analyze the credit? What if you setup specific standards and the credit was matched up to pass or fail those standards?

If that sounds interesting to you, I would recommend talking to someone at our office about Insta-Chek. Rental Services has offered a scoring model for several years with great results. You set credit standards for your applicant. If they meet the criteria we give you a pass recommendation. If they don’t meet your standards we issue a fail recommendation. Insta-Chek can also be setup with a conditional recommendation to give you additional flexibility in screening credit.

The benefits of Insta-Chek are straight forward. No more trying to decipher credit reports. Each applicant is held to the same standards. No more worries about Fair Housing violations. You never run the risk of sensitive credit information falling into the wrong hands.

Remember, at RSI you have options.

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