Renting To Young Adults

I recently read an opinion from a person in the apartment industry that I found to be interesting. He states that he has seen an alarming trend of younger and younger debtors sent to collection by apartment communities. People 18 and 19 years old may legally sign a contract but most won't understand or remember it. If no co-signor or guarantor is on the lease many people of this age are not responsible enough to be given control of an asset valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. I agree on face value. However, if you have strong rental criteria in place the age of the applicant shouldn’t matter. When your tenant screening company conducts the background check they should be verifying income, rental history, credit, evictions and criminal records. Match this information up with your criteria and you increase your odds of getting a good renter regardless of age.

Quality tenant screening and criteria decrease the chances of renting to individuals who can’t pay the rent. 

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