It is the classic nightmare for rental property owners. You do everything possible to protect yourself and your investment from the unscrupulous renter…dutifully screen the applicant for any criminal history…any eviction history…you take a close look at their credit report…you call their references and verify employment and salary. Everything looks stellar, perfect and wonderful…until it isn’t.

The worst has happened and you ask yourself: HOW did this person get past all of my efforts weed out high risk residents? The answer is simple…criminals are not above stealing. Identity theft paints these criminals as stellar residents gaining them access to your rental property.

Avoid finding yourself mired in nightmare tenancy by following these three simple steps:

1.)    Obtain social security verification in all your screening reports

2.)    Check for valid photo identification on each applicant

3.)    Conduct regular inspections on your rental property to stay on top of any problems before they get out of hand

-H. Evans

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