SmartRegs proposals move forward to Boulder Planning Board and City Council.

After 10 months of working group meetings, open houses and community feedback, the SmartRegs (DumbRegs) project moves forward to be considered by the Planning Board at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18.

The SmartRegs proposal has three main components:

• Adoption of the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code with amendments to incorporate features of Boulder’s existing housing code;
• Adoption of administrative revisions and fee changes to the Rental License Code; and
• Adoption of an energy efficiency requirement for existing residential rental properties.

The proposal, most recently amended to address comments from the Environmental Advisory Board and Landmarks Board, is available on the SmartRegs Web site for public review prior to the Planning Board meeting. The meeting will include a presentation and public hearing. Community members are encouraged to attend and provide feedback.

Why should you attend this meeting? If SmartRegs is passed and you own rental properties in Boulder you will be required to retrofit your properties to come up to 20% of current energy codes. This could mean a cost range of about $750 per unit to $3200 per unit or more. When you look at all rental property in Boulder the city is asking everyone to pay around $35 million dollars. The city council believes that the upgrades increase the value of your properties and therefore this is just an “investment” in your business. Let them know that you know better – this is an expense that cannot be recovered.

Want more information? Contact the Boulder Area Rental Housing Association

Web: http://barhaonline.org
Phone: 303-494-9048

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