Rental Services, Inc. January Newsletter

Welcome to the first Rental Services, Inc. newsletter of 2019! Everyone at RSI is excited for the new year and sincerely appreciate each of our valued clients. To kick off the new year we want to share some exciting news from Equifax, new integration partners and how to attract tenants by “Going Green”.

Equifax has recently made a major change that directly impacts consumers applying for housing. This change will allow all tenant screening inquires to be recorded as a soft inquiry on the applicant’s credit report. Why is this a big deal? A soft inquiry has no effect on a person’s credit score. Rental Services, Inc. has already implemented this change as of December 27, 2018.

RSI hopes this will be a trend that TransUnion and Experian will soon follow.

Rental Services, Inc. has also expanded its integration with another property management software provider. You can now use RSI as your screening provider when you use iRent, Rent Manager, Entrata, Multisite Systems, ResMan,, TVS and Yardi. The software integration with each of these companies allows us to provide quality background checks within each company’s property management software. 

Clients can also take advantage of RSI Property Assistant. Thanks to a strategic partnership, RSI can help your company setup access to property management software with the added benefit of our first-class tenant screening. RSI Property Assistant allows you to build a custom website that allows applicants to apply online and tracks them through the complete application process. The software even allows residents to sign documents electronically, pay rent online and submit work orders, even better is the world class accounting tools that makes up the backbone of this software.

Recently, a survey was conducted by AMLI Residential in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Seattle, California and Florida. The survey included over 4,200 multi-family housing residents and focused on their views of how environmentalism impacted their choice of living accommodations.

The survey included a large spectrum of ages that included Generation Z (ages 3-23), Millennials (ages 22-37), Generation X (ages 39-53) and Baby Boomers (ages 54-74). 84% of respondents indicated that they believe in global warming and climate change. A more specific breakdown shows 89% of Gen Z, 88% of Millennials, 80% of Gen X and 74% of Baby Boomers believe in global warming and climate change. This data shows that multi-family housing residents are concerned about how their daily activities and the place they live will impact the environment. 

How do you capitalize on this concern? The best way is showcasing your property’s “greenness”. 

Mention environmentally friendly updates in advertisements or during the showing process. An inexpensive item is LED light bulbs and regularly replacing furnace filters as part of routine maintenance. The benefit of never having to replace a light bulb combined with the energy savings is always appealing to prospective renters. Upgrading the insulation and replacing old, out dated furnace and A/C units will also give prospective renters peace of mind about repairs and energy costs. If you want to take it to the next level, upgrade current appliances. Not only will it save the tenant money on energy bills, but it’s an attractive feature that will be quickly noticed by new prospects.  Zero scaping the property would limit the need for water or adding strategically placed trees to current landscape to provide shade.

Showcasing your rental as energy efficient and environmentally friendly can attract even more renters in a competitive market.


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