Rent Control Passes Committee

House Bill 1017-concerning Rent Control was heard late afternoon yesterday in the Local Government committee of the House. Of the eleven committee members, we had six confirmed votes of opposition (NO) on House Bill 1017 prior to the hearing. After three hours of testimony from 20 testifiers, Democrat committee member, Rep Sue Schafer-D, Wheat Ridge, who had long committed and repeatedly confirmed her opposition to the bill the day before the hearing, changed her mind mid-hearing and voted YES on the bill. HB1017 now goes to the house floor.

Rep Schafer cited reasons of democrat caucus pressure for her change in vote.

We will now target select democrats in the house. The bill could come up for second reading as early as this Friday.

Special thanks go to Lauren Brockman, Rex Gambrell, Terry Simone, Brandon Rich, Mike Papantonakis, Stephanie Avery, and Gordon Von Stroh who delivered excellent testimony in the committee hearing.

Please continue to watch for alerts. We will need to make a strong, united effort to produce numerous phone calls and emails to take this out in the house.

Need more information? Contact Meghan Storrie ( or Nancy Burke ( with the Colorado Apartment Association.

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